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diets, hitting plateaus and endless hours of cardio

Hi! My name is Nick Steinvoort and I specialize in helping men over 30 transform their body by losing 20-40 lbs of stubborn body fat while also building muscle at the same time. Ultimately giving them their confidence and pride back.

I’ve helped a lot of men achieve this all by using The Body Reshaping System™ which I developed after 10+ years of experience and personal results. This is the way to sustainable fat loss and building muscle at the same time all without hitting plateaus and keeping energy levels high in the process.

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Most men that struggle to lose stubborn body fat and have a hard time shaping up have already tried many solutions that didn’t gave them the results they desired. This can make it feel like a lonely journey with no end in sight.

That’s why I opened up The Fit Warriors Community for men over 30 where I share my battle tested fat loss & muscle building strategies. The same methods enabled me to go from 19% body fat to 4% body fat and even winning second prize at a bodybuilding contest.

Every week, I provide high level content & training so men can build sustainable new fitness habits and don’t need to rely on motivation any longer. There’s much more awesome stuff inside the group…

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